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What We Do

About Us

We passionately believe that interactive experiences with music can enrich the lives of people of any age or physical ability.


Who Created The Beamz 

The musician and songwriter, Jerry Riopelle, originally founded Beamz.  Jerry’s vision was to cultivate a love of music by bringing the creativity of music making to everyone.  Jerry did this through a sophisticated yet simple to use laser beam controller.  


Our Markets

It was quickly discovered that touching lasers and playing light appealed to more than just recreational music enthusiasts.  Beamz Interactive, serves three distinct markets:


  • Education and Healthcare

Beamz’ universal design makes it appropriate for teaching all kinds of things in schools—children of all cognitive and physical abilities can learn through music.  Beamz is also widely used as a physical and neurological therapy tool in hospitals, rehab centers and private practices. Beamz is a great way to keep our 55 and older crowd moving and grooving.  In these market segments, we spend most of our time creating structured activities and lesson plans because we never want anyone to run out of ideas about how to use Beamz—the possibilities are truly endless!


  • Home Entertainment

One of our slogans at Beamz is, “Don’t just listen to music, make it.”  We partner with well-known artists across all genres to deliver engaging, interactive music content.  Beamz offers a collection of Karaoke songs too! 


  • DJ’s

Technically, Beamz contains a set of laser triggers that can control just about anything. Get a "DJ-like” experience with the tailored version of the award winning Virtual DJ software and the Beamz controller combined.

You can add effects, trigger specific points in songs, loop their favourite parts, add sample sounds or instruments...even add picture slide shows and video effects to your favourite music and music videos, all from your own music library using the Beamz.