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Music is a positive influence that helps us all express ourselves. Through songs, sounds, and interactivity you can develop confidence and broaden your musical experience. 

Playing the Beamz brings the family together because everyone can contribute. By working as a team, family members can create melodies that are fun and energising  making everyone young and old part of the sound.



The Beamz is an interactive music system, allowing you to play impressive music easily and quickly and its great fun. The Beamz uses a series of musical building blocks that are always in tune with each other.

It uses four low level laser light beams which you play like you might play the strings on an instrument. You break the light beam with your hand or fingers. You can play it one note at a time or you can block the beam with your hand to play a riff or series of notes. Using our Beamz Player software you can build amazing songs with a variety of instruments, samples and melodies.

The Beamz library has hundreds of instruments and endless possibilities. You can also use the Award winning Custom built Virtual DJ LE software to remix your own music library by simply playing beams of light.


Whether you’re a family of music aficionados, pianists, guitarists, violinists or vocalists or have never picked up an instrument in your life, Beamz can take your family time to the next level.

Beamz can add in the beats, background and any additional instruments you’d like in the mix. Creating music together will be fun and sound amazing! A great solo or fun group activity, Beamz’s interactivity is engaging for everyone.



Children naturally love music. Their joy in dancing to and singing along with music is infectious but beginning with only traditional instruments can be intimidating for young children who want to be able to make great sounding music quickly.
Beamz delivers a great way to experience, interact and immerse themselves in music.

They can use hundreds of rich sounding musical instruments over a wide range of genres to broaden their musical horizons and develop a passion to master traditional instruments as well.



In addition to being highly engaging, all of our early learning content is educational. Research shows that interplay with music cultivates creativity and improves cognition, reading and math skills.

Beamz has a variety of Interactive Music Videos (IMVs), songs and activities that embed the critical building-block skills that promise to increase the likelihood of success your child will experience throughout their key stage 1 – 3 learning.
Our content collections address alphabetic principals, phonics, shapes, counting, life skills, early music education, we even have a Math’s Times Table program .

There’s no accounting for taste, so we offer everything from vivid animation, to real life personalities and content delivered by other children—a little something for every child’s individual preference. 


Making music with Beamz combined with Virtual DJ is fun and easy, providing two extraordinary creative music making experiences into one product for anyone to move beyond just listening to music and making it happen.

Use Beamz with award winning Virtual DJ LE application for your PC or MAC and use the laser beams player to easily remix music from your own music library. You can then use Beamz with ANY song form your own music library

Getting started remixing music doesn’t require a complicated DJ hardware and complex software; the award winning Virtual DJ for Beamz is easy for to get started and to build your skills with a series of tutorials. 



Want to do more? Beamz is a MIDI laser controller – so you can use with any music production, DJ or performance application by assigning the laser beams and buttons for any MIDI command.

There are hundreds of MIDI applications available to get even more creative making music as your skills progress. Beamz is compatible for use with the best selling applications, including Ableton Live, Reason and Sony software.



  • iPad – 3rd generation or later, running iOS 6.0 or later
  • iPad mini – all models, running iOS 6.0 or later
  • iPhone – 4S or later, running iOS 6.0 or late
  • iPod Touch – 5th generation or later, running iOS 6.0 or later
  • MAC – computer running OS 10.8x or later
  • PC – computer running Windows 7/8/10


Hardware - C1R42 HOME MIDI Controller / USB Cable / Bluetooth Dongle

Software - Beamz Player Software

Song Content - 36 Songs representing a broad range of musical styles 

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